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​Annonces AMNEVILLE LYON (69003) - MONTCHAT allows you to estimate the price per m2 of your house, apartment, Studio Moselle on our department. This estimation tool is also suitable for all French cities and towns (Amneville ...).

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price/m2 AY-SUR-MOSELLE - rental

apartment / studio AY-SUR-MOSELLE (57300) Price/m2 AY-SUR-MOSELLE

Type ​Low average Average High average
8 €/m2 9 €/m2 11 €/m2

Price Analysis m2 AY-SUR-MOSELLE (57300)

In September 2021, we can see that the prices m2 Ay-sur-moselle (57300) vary according to the type of property and the exteriors of Ay-sur-moselle (57300) (land, garden, terrace ...) that the ID Network has weighted for you.


Regarding the rent price per m2 on Ay-sur-moselle (57300) for apartments / studios, this one is on average 9 €/m2 and can vary within a range from 8 €/m2 to 11 €/m2.

All these prices per m2 are calculated in relation to the prices observed on the net for the last 6 months. This remains a benchmark to indicate a price range for the estimation of your property but does not replace a real estimate made by a real estate professional.

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